Winter Flowers 

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  • We’ve chosen white roses and bloom chrysanthemums as the stars of this luxurious bouquet, and added a mix of other flowers all in wintery white. We’ve added pine cones and fir plus glints of gold and silvery frost to create the extra-special feel to this gift.Featuring 4 white roses, 3 white Anastasia chrysanthemums, 2 white lisianthus and a white...

  • The winter season may be upon us but it’s still possible to bring a touch of outdoor freshness into their home with this pretty petite basket in cool shades. Our selection of delicately detailed flowers is complemented with seasonal holly and spruce and gold finishing touches.Featuring 3 green carnations, a blue snowed eryngium, a white lisianthus, a...

  • If you're looking for a truly special, celebratory bottle, this Louis Rozier Champagne sums up everything we love about bubbly. It's wonderfully fresh with a real palette that's full of fruit. There is plenty of fizz and a wonderful effervescence in the mouth. And with a clean, zesty finish, it's surely the perfect way to add sparkle to any special occasion.

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Winter Flowers

Inverness Flowers Winter Flowers

Our Inverness Florists work with only the best flowers which have been cultivated and then directly imported to us all the way from our suppliers in Holland. Holland is a region of the Netherlands renowned for the premium quality flowers grown there and combined with up to four deliveries per week not only are our flowers of the best quality but they are also the freshest. Fresh flowers equate to a high longevity which means that your recipient will be able to enjoy their flowers for many days yet to come. The winter season is one of our busiest here at Inverness Flowers with Christmas just around the corner so we are able to understand just how busy this time of year might be for you which is why, if you are need of a gorgeous winter flower bouquet, you needn’t look any further. Our Inverness Florists have over forty years of experience so they are able to create bouquets that are fitting for any and all occasions so no matter whether you need a winter flowers birthday bouquet or a festive decoration, we have the perfect floral design for you. Up on our Inverness Flowers website, you can how a browse through the arrangements our Inverness Florists have already created. Our Inverness Florists are able to create a perfectly balanced bouquet of lush flowers – such as gorgeous roses, traditional lilies, exotic orchids as well as seasonal flowers – and foliage, such as eucalyptus leaves. Once your flowers have been arranged, they are wrapped up in complementary papers, tissues and ribbons which can be themed – for example, the Christmas colours of green and red. Alternatively, our Inverness Florists are able to place your flowers into a lovely vase, box or even teacup depending on what sort of finish you’re looking for. No matter how big or small your request may be, we want our customers here at Inverness Flowers to know we do everything we can to fulfil all your requests.

Winter Flowers Inverness Flowers

Once your order has been placed and artfully arranged by our Inverness Florists, our customers are able to use one of our several flower delivery services. Here at Inverness Flowers we understand the importance of a good delivery service which is why we offer three particular services to our customers. Here at Inverness Flowers we have our standard flower delivery service, our premium next day flower delivery service as well as our handy same day flower delivery service. Our standard delivery service runs every Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:30PM, which are our opening times. Our next day flower delivery service is particularly handy as everything is taken care of within the space of two days. The same day delivery service allows you to place an order and have it delivered later on the same day. This means our Inverness Florists arrange everything for you within a very limited time period which is why, if you wish to use this particular delivery service, your order must be placed before 3PM. This is to give our Inverness Florists enough time to arrange your flowers with the care and attention both you and the flowers deserve. Once your order has been placed, we want our customers here at Inverness Flowers that we will take care of everything for you during this busy time of the year so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.