Unwrapping your Flowers The flowers that we use in all our bouquets and arrangements are imported directly for Holland. The benefits of having our flowers delivered direct to our network of florists are of course that they are the freshest quality, meaning your flowers will last longer. The bouquet you order is then made specifically with you in mind by one of our experienced florists.  We recommend that you remove any foliage that is in excess, this is because if any foliage gets in the water it can cause bacteria in the water which can have a damaging effect on your flowers. Gerberas are particularly affected by this problem. It is unlikely that you will have to remove any excess foliage from your flowers, but if you fill the water high in your vase then you will need to make sure the foliage is removed. Trimming your Flowers from Inverness Flowers The Inverness florists advise trimming 2 cm off your flowers upon delivery of your flowers. The florists also suggest when it comes to cutting your flowers that you then cut at an angle to ensure the stem has the largest surface area allowing it to absorb more water and in effect making them reach their full potential. All of the Inverness florists provide flower food with each of their bouquets, to make sure they are receiving all the nutrients they need to stay alive for the longest time possible. Other florists may have advised you in the past to Smash you stems, however we strongly advise against this as it can damage the water vessels in the stems stopping the flowers absorbing water at all. This used to be common practice but it led to the flowers wilting quicker and also disease of your flowers setting in.  Displaying your flowers It is best to keep your flowers at a cool temperature, too hot can cause the flowers to dehydrate causing them to prematurely perish, and too cold can cause equally as much damage. We recommend that you try and maintain a temperature of around 10 – 22 Celsius to receive the maximum potential from your flowers.  Do not put your flowers in contact with direct sunlight as it can dry out the flowers, equally it is important not to put them near any form of heating such as fireplaces and radiators. Another thing that is worth bearing in mind is that ripening fruit can release a gas which will cause some of the flowers to die too, following all these tips and tricks will mean your flowers last a lot longer. The inverness florists want you to enjoy the flowers for the maximum time possible, so please follow the steps above and this will help keep your flowers fresh for longer.  Arranging your flowers When you receive your flowers from one of the Inverness florists, if they are already presented in a container or a basket then one of our florists have already taken the time to arrange your flowers and make them look beautiful, meaning there is nothing left for you to worry about but to enjoy them. If you are arranging your flowers make sure you use a clean container, such as a vase and fill with lukewarm water and put your flower food in, before adding your flowers. The flowers used are always as fresh as possible to ensure they have longetivity. Please be aware if the flowers are in a hot room or environment then this will drastically affect their freshness. Sometimes we hear that people put their flowers above a radiator which will just instantly dry the flowers and more than likely they will only last a couple of days.  If you have any questions or queries regarding your flowers please don’t hesitate to contact us and any of our team members will be happy to help you in any way we can. You can call us on 01463 554 089 or if you would prefer to email then you can get us at flowers@invernessflower.co.uk