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  • Featuring an evergreen fern planted in a stylish sandy coloured ceramic with feet.

  • Featuring a pink echevaria planted in a stylish sandy coloured ceramic with feet.

  • Featuring a beautiful pink phalaenopsis orchid, presented in a ceramic pot.

  • This gift includes the very best of everything. They'll be able to sit back and savour a chilled glass of crisp rosé and choose from the extravagant luxury chocolate selection for an extra special treat. The pretty flowering rose plant gives them something extra to enjoy too.

  • Featuring a pink rose plant, a pink echeveria and an evergreen fern, planted in a soft cream and black hatbox, trimmed with ribbon. Both the Boston Fern and succulents, included in this display, are known for their air purifying qualities.Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 26cm (Plant: 16cm), Width: 30cm.

  • Featuring pink rose plants presented in a pretty floral tin.

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Inverness Flowers Plants

If you’re looking for something a little different to give to your loved one on their special occasion, then why not treat them to a lovely plant. Inverness Flowers have a super range of plants on offer which come in all sorts of different sizes and varieties so no matter what it is you’re after, Inverness Flowers have the perfect gift for you. All plants – as well as all the flowers – the Inverness florists have been cultivated and then directly imported to the shop to ensure the quality the customers receive is of the highest order. The plants have been cultivated in Holland, a region of the Netherlands renowned for producing some of the best quality flowers in the world and combined with up to four deliveries per week, not only are the plants of the best standard they are also the freshest. The freshness of a plant or flower is particularly important as it impacts how long the flower lives and how long your loved one will be able to enjoy their flowers for. Up on the Inverness Flowers website, you can browse through the selection of plants on offer which includes the likes of orchids, kalanchoe, azalea and roses amongst many others. The Inverness florists create lovely baskets and other arrangements by combining several different plants together. Once your order has been placed at Inverness flowers, you don’t have to worry about a single thing as we take care of the rest for you. There are several flower delivery services on offer including standard, premium next day and same day flower delivery services. The same day flower delivery service is ideal for those occasions that have cropped up out of the blue as you are able to place your order on the day of the delivery. Please note that if you wish to use this particular flower delivery service, your order must be placed before 3PM to give the Inverness florists enough time to arrange your order to the highest standard. No matter what it is you’re after, Inverness flowers will do their absolute best to fulfil all of your requests.

Plants Inverness Flowers

There is also a gifts range on offer at Inverness flowers to accompany any of the bouquets, arrangements or plants on offer. This gifts range is versatile and is perfectly suitable for any and all occasions. There is a selection of delectable champagnes and wines all rich in taste on offer – including reds, roses and whites. Both these beverages are widely considered to be celebratory drinks so they are virtually suitable for anything from an anniversary ceremony to a romantic dinner for two. There are also scrumptious chocolates on offer, ideal for a loved one with a sweet tooth; adorable teddy bears, perfect for any occasion involving children such as a new born baby event or a birthday; fruit baskets are arranged in store, full to the brim with succulent and fresh fruits as well as candles which serve as the perfect house warming gift or simply as a decoration on its own. The inverness florists can also arrange for a balloon or balloon bouquet to accompany your order. All balloon bouquets usually include three blank balloons and three balloons with a message fitting for your specific occasion such as ‘Happy Birthday!’ or ‘Congratulations’. For any further queries regarding the plants range or any of the other services provided by Inverness Flowers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You are able to contact the shop by either sending us an email or calling the shop directly as there is always someone readily available to answer any and all of your questions.