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  • The distinctive star shaped flowers of the stephanotis look lovely as a buttonhole. We've combined three with a stem of pretty gypsophila to give contrast and texture. The result is a special buttonhole for a very special day.

  • A romantic display of modern sophistication. White roses, spray roses, freesia, and hydrangea are accented with green hypericum berries and presented in an elegant gold wire bouquet collar displaying ivory pearls. With the stems wrapped in an ivory satin ribbon accented with domed silver buttons, this bouquet is the perfect accessory for your walk down...

  • For classic bridal chic, this ivory rose and orchid bouquet will look beautiful on the big day. The large-headed roses and orchids draw the eye and the freesias add beauty as well as their wonderful scent. And with so many fabulous flowers included, this is a bouquet that lives up to such a special occasion.

  • This stunning bouquet is the picture of modern perfection. White tulips are arranged in the centre and then surrounded by green mini hydrangea blooms to create a memorable look. Accented with a wide white French taffeta ribbon, this bouquet is an ideal way to walk down the aisle in style and grace. Approx. 10"H x 13"W.    

  • A stunning and fashionable choice, this chic white bridal bouquet of eye-catching calla lilies is sensational. Notice how the velvety petals reveal a soft yellow stamen in the centre. Contrasted with delicately patterned pothos leaves, this is a bouquet that epitomises modern elegance. 

  • Elegant white mini cymbidium orchids are arranged to perfection amidst an intricate flower bracelet detailed with pearls and sparkling accents. Finished with an ivory satin ribbon on the stems, this beautiful bouquet is set for the bride with a modern flair. Approx. 6-inches in diameter.    

  • An exquisite display of wedding elegance. This incredible array of white blooms, including, dendrobium orchids, roses, asiatic lilies, freesia, spray roses, and mini hydrangea are offset by beautiful lush greens and arranged in a cascade fashion to create a truly stunning bouquet that will complete your bridal look with its sweet sophistication. 

  • Give your wedding cake a touch of pure elegance with this stunning cake decoration. Green hydrangea and white stephanotis blooms are perfectly placed upon each tier to give the cake a romantic and sweet look. Fits cake tiers that have a 4-inch, 6-inch, and 10-inch diameter. Approx. 17"H x 18"W.    

  • This beautiful cascade bouquet is a stunning way to make an entrance on your wedding day. Fabulous open cut white calla lilies and white mini calla lilies take centerstage accented with variegated ivy and a sugar pearl circle bouquet buckle. With the stems wrapped in an ivory satin ribbon to finish the look, this bouquet is both dramatic and demure.    

  • Our Sweet Roses Bouquet is a classic bouquet of bridal beauty. White roses and spray roses are carefully arranged together to create a fantastic look. Accented with an ivory satin collar, this bouquet is an eye-catching display of elegance and grace.    

  • Our Sheer Bliss Arrangement is an ideal centerpiece or accent piece for the wedding reception. White roses, asiatic lilies, carnations, and hydrangea are offset by lush greens and arranged in a chic black ceramic cube vase to add to the elegant ambience of this most momentous day. Available in 3 sizes to suit your budget and taste.    

  • Our Eternal Romance Bouquet has a dream-like appeal that will be the perfect accessory on your wedding day. Pretty white ranunculus, roses, freesia, mini calla lilies, peonies, spray roses and hydrangea are brought together in this exquisite arrangement with lush greens and tied together with an ivory satin ribbon.   

  • A collection of nature's finest white blooms to help you say your "I Do's" in style. White roses, cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and stephanotis are accented with a variety of lush greens and tied together at the stems with an ivory woven edge grosgrain ribbon to create a bouquet full of interest and appealing texture. Approx. 12"H x 13"W.    

  • The Perfect Love Bouquet is a soft display of bridal elegance that will complete your overall look. White roses, spray roses, carnations and hydrangea are accented with lush greens and arranged in a rounded compact style to offer texture and interest with its natural grace and beauty.     

  • This is the perfect bridal gift on her wedding day. A petite and very beautiful bouquet of white roses, freesia, spray roses and lush greens are elegantly arranged on top of a bible accented with a basket weave pattern of white satin ribbon. A gift they will always hold dear. Approx. 11"H x 6"W.    

  • Choose a Classic White Pedestal Arrangement to add a touch of floral elegance to any space. White roses, open cut calla lilies, peonies, star of Bethlehem, delphinium, larkspur, hydrangea, and snapdragon are arranged with interest and style to towering perfection. Seated in a classic resin urn upon a 3-foot pedestal, this arrangement will add to the joy...

  • This White Calla Lily Boutonniere is the picture of elegant sophistication. A single full-sized white calla lily is chosen for its absolute perfection and accented with green hypericum berries and a white satin ribbon to compliment any wedding style. 

  • This traditional white bridal bouquet is a lavish celebration of fine large-headed roses and dainty stephanotis flowers. The subtle shades of white give a sense of timeless elegance. And the soft fragrance of this bouquet will be a lovely accompaniment as she walks up the aisle.A smaller version of this bridal bouquet is also available for bridesmaids...

  • This beautiful boutonniere brings an exotic elegance and stylish appeal to the overall look of the wedding party. Boasting two blooms of white mini cymbidium orchids accented with variegated ivy, this boutonniere is a modern take on the traditional boutonniere. Approx. 5"H x 4"W.    

  • The White Linen Arrangement is the epitome of wedding elegance. White dendrobium orchids, asiatic lilies, mini calla lilies, and roses are accented with an assortment of lush greens and arranged to add to the décor of the wedding party's table with its sweet sophistication.     

Showing 1 - 20 of 23 items
Elegant Whites

Inverness Flowers Elegant Whites Wedding

White is the traditional colour preference when it comes to wedding flowers and with good reason – this colour is not only elegant but also emphasises the beauty of this truly marvellous ceremony. There are many beautiful white flowers ranging from white roses to tulips; different types of lilies like calla and oriental; gorgeous chrysanthemums; lovely lisianthus; freesias; orchids to name some. All of these flowers are beautiful on their own as well as part of an arrangement. Inverness flowers uses only the best quality flowers which have been imported all the way from Holland, the western region of the Netherlands. Combined with up to four deliveries per week from the Dutch cultivators, the flowers are not only of the best quality but they are also the freshest meaning they will stay absolutely beautiful throughout the entire wedding day. Up on the Inverness flowers website you can have a browse through the elegant whites wedding collection to see if anything appeals to you. Don’t worry if nothing is fully to your liking as there is a bespoke service available at Inverness flowers. This service enables you to work with the Inverness florists to create the perfect wedding flower arrangements for you. You can specify what flowers you would like, the colour schemes, what flowers to avoid and what sort of floral designs you would like. Once all of this information has been acquired, the Inverness flowers team will create something that fully reflects all of your ideas. For further information about the bespoke service or any of the services provided by Inverness flowers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You are able to contact Inverness flowers either by phone or email as there is always someone on hand, ready to answer any and all of your queries.

Elegant Whites Wedding Inverness Flowers

Once you have selected your colour scheme, you must choose what sort of floral designs you need for your wedding. As your wedding is a special occasion, it has to be picture perfect and flowers play an important part in the wedding ceremony. There are several floral designs to consider when selecting your flowers. For the bride herself, there is the bridal bouquet to keep in mind as well as any flowers she might wish to wear such as decorations for the veil or a corsage. For the groom, a buttonhole to compliment the suit. Then there are also the bridesmaids and groomsmen – complementary bouquets and buttonholes which compliments their outfits. There are also the flower girl and ring boy to keep in mind: the flower girl will be scattering lovely flower petals down the aisle for the bride and the little ring boy can also have a sharp little buttonhole to finish off his suit. Once the people partaking in the ceremony have been catered for, there is also the actual venue to keep in mind. Inverness flowers have a lovely range of centrepieces on offer which can be placed on the tables or down the aisle as well as designs such as cake decorations and so on. No matter what it is you’re after, Inverness flowers want to assure you that we do everything we possibly can to accommodate to all different tastes and needs. Please do not hesitate to book a wedding consultation as there is an experienced florist available to talk through the possibilities and all of your ideas so you are able to receive flowers nothing short of perfection for your wedding day.